Tuesday 17 July 2018
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Rwanda makes visa-on-arrival scheme global

Scheme to take effect from January 1, 2018

By Ada Anioji


In a move designed to follow up on its initial visa-on-arrival schemes to all East Africans and later, all Africans, Rwanda has announced that anybody from any part of the world would now be free to benefit from its visa-on-arrival scheme.

In what observers are already touting as a ‘Visa revolution in the heart of ,’ the new move is already attracting favourable responses from commentators, even as it promises massive economic benefits for the East African nation.

‘After opening its doors to citizens of Africa, will now grant a 30-day visa upon arrival to ALL CITIZENS OF THE WORLD, without prior application. The new visa regime will start on January 1st, 2018.’

It will be recalled that Rwanda is also a pioneering field for the Common African Passport that was introduced by the African Union recently.

The new initiative is part of a series of sweeping reforms designed to make Rwanda an even more attractive travel destination.


President Paul Kagame of Rwanda



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