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2019: Fela Durotoye emerges consensus choice


PACT chooses motivational speaker over colleagues

By Tajudeen Hamzat


Notable motivational speaker, Mr. Fela Durotoye has emerged the consensus presidential aspirant for the Presidential Aspirants Coming Together (PACT).


Durotoye, who is an aspirant on the platform of the Alliance For A New Nigeria (ANN), was chosen by his fellow aspirants within the Presidential Aspirants Coming Together (PACT) platform in a mock poll that was held in Abuja on Thursday.


PACT is a coming together of various neo-emergent presidential aspirants with a common determination to work together to wrest power from the hitherto established political class configurations.


After his nomination, Durotoye responded:


“It is with profound gratitude and great humility that I accept your nomination as the Consensus Candidate of the Presidential Aspirants Coming Together (PACT)”


“I would like to honor all the members of PACT, 18 leaders, all uniquely qualified and able to represent 190 million Nigerians at the highest office in our nation; who displayed great humility; understanding that none of us can win as individuals, but by coming together as a team, we bring our unique abilities and diverse strengths to the table; but most importantly, being honorable to put the country first and themselves last.”


“You are true nation builders and our nation owes you a great debt of gratitude.”


“Today, I would like to extend a hand to those who have left our coalition and welcome those of similar ideologies who are yet to join us, we are stronger together.”


“I take this nomination as a Consensus Candidate with great sense of responsibility; knowing that I and our generation have been entrusted with a mandate to show Nigerians the kind of leadership they truly desire and deserve and to inspire the hope of a better future; a New Nigeria.”


“The 2019 elections will be a referendum between our past and our future; between the same old change and a New hope, between the old and the young, between politics and good governance, joblessness and jobs, between politicians and nation builders and between experience and expertise.”


“We don’t expect it to be easy.”


“We will be held to higher standards than the establishment, our methods and conduct sscrutinized more closely to determine if we are the same old wine, repackaged in new wine skins.”


“We assure you that we are nothing like what our nation has experienced over the last 58 years, but we will earn your trust, and eventually, your votes.”


“I am not arrogant to claim that i have all the answers, but I am humble enough to say that I will listen to all your questions.”


“And with such a great team beside me, the hopes and dreams of Nigerians before me and by the Grace of God above me, we will deliver a New Nigeria, starting on May 29th, 2019.”


“Thank you.”


“God bless you and may God bless The Federal Republic of Nigeria.”


It is however unclear whether Durotoye would get a similar endorsement from his primary ANN platform which is yet to announce a date for its own primaries.


Also to be determined would be whether aspirants like Omoyele Sowore and Tope Fasua who had earlier stepped out of the consensus arrangement would heed his plea that they return to the PACT fold and support his aspiration.



Mr. Fela Durotoye, PACT consensus aspirant

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