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5 things not to miss while in Oguta



By Vivienne Nkem Ndem,


Home to top Nigerian celebrities including Charlie Boy, Dr. Alban and more, Oguta is a popular town Imo State, Nigeria.

Located on the famed east bank of southeastern Nigeria, it is richly endowed with scenic and historic treasures and really does merit its status as an increasingly popular tourist destination.

While it is impossible to explore and experience the genuineness of the Oguta in just one stay, there is need to give the town with incredible attractions it’s due recognition., Africa’s No. 1 online hotel booking site reveals 5 unmissable things to get you started here.


The Oguta Lake


Referred to as Ogbuide or Uhamiri by Oguta locals, The lake is the second largest lake in Nigeria and has attracted a lot of visitors and tourists over the years. While the idea of a lake may conjure up thoughts of crocodiles or salty water, it certain does not conform to that “lake” stereotype and is conducive for swimming and sightseeing.

Ensure you visit Oguta lake while visiting the town, you can either go with swimming trunks and a floater for a dip at the shallow edges or have a picnic at its bank and do some fishing. You will not only have a marvelous time but also stand the chance of partaking from a historical heritage as the lake was a port for the evacuation of palm products in the colonial era as well as a marine base for the Biafran Navy during the civil war.


White soup


The white soup is unarguably one of the most indigenous soups of the Oguta people. Locally referred to as “Ofe Nsala”, it is best prepared with fresh fish (mostly from the lake) and paired with pounded yam or Nni Akpu (starch). Tourist cannot really boast that they have had a full experience of Oguta until they have tried this meal. Prepared locally, visitors can have a rich original taste at one of the restaurants at the Pontu side of the lake.


The water confluence, Urashi


This landmark is one of the major reasons tourists travel all the way to Oguta and risk their lives on wooden ferries while crossing the river. Certainly spectacular, the confluence of the Blue lake (Ogbuide) and Urashi River also in Oguta is an uncommon gift of nature to behold. While the Oguta Lake appears blue, the Orashi is brown and muddy, and they never mix up. An effort made at mixing water from both sources is a tough thing to do as both mixtures will gradually separate within the container.


NaijaPlaza bar


The Naija Plaza Bar is the symbol of Oguta’s nightlife, and does not need to be introduced as it is easily located with town. Visit in the evening time for a drink and interact with locals in the town as well as visitors. Delicacies including peppersoup, nkwobi, and more are also served at different rates.


“Ime obodo”


The rural areas of the town is referred to as “Ime obodo” by the locals. Indigenes who live within this area and any tourist who wants to get a real taste of the town’s culture gets the best experience by visiting these communities. Tourist attractions include relics of gunboats destroyed by the Biafran soldiers, the colonial jetty, and the famous Ojukwu bunker with a tunnel that runs under the lake connecting both banks of the lake and houses of famous colonial masters who lived in the area.



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