Salt Bola Essien-Nelson
I am one of those who say ‘To God be the Glory’ a lot. I say it because at the end of the day, I have no claim over anything you say I am or do or have. It all goes back to Him. That’s fine but today I have another perspective to share about ‘giving God all the glory. I say, it is not by mouth alone. As they say, talk is cheap. Let me explain.

What is God’s glory really? It is His holiness. Look at Jesus Christ for instance. Did he go around saying ‘To God be the glory’ all over the place? No. Because his very life was lived holy and that is what glorified God.

You see, the more God’s holiness is seen in you and I, the more God is glorified. You see why I say it is not by mouth alone. I can say ‘To God be the glory a million times a day if I want, if my daily life, my most common and ordinary acts do not reflect His holiness…..then who am I fooling really? Even if I manage to fool you, surely, surely I cannot fool God.

And neither can you.

Just saying……..*smiling wryly*

My Salty People, let’s not let this our walk with God be by mouth alone. Let our salt be without grit……



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