Abuja this week: Nigeria’s power centre x-rayed


Abuja this week: Nigeria’s power centre x-rayed


Mazi Echemba


The strengths of the Buhari administration:

The administration in Abuja today came to power with the massive support of the people, but the government has evidently sort of squandered a lot of the goodwill of the people. This is true no matter the fact that the administration barely managed to win a second term in office (which has contributed to its survival till now), due mainly to incumbency factor etc.

Another strength of the administration, is that it may now be basking on the euphoria of the “survivalist strategy theory,” a situation when especially non-supporters of the regime will begin a countdown for the government’s tenure to end.So it becomes an attitude of at least these people will soon go!


Another strength of the regime, is its current control of both chambers of the National Assembly, unlike what happened during the Dr. Bukola Saraki and PDP era in the National Assembly. On this account, the APC led administration at least has not many excuses not to perform in this second term in governance.


Also, the Buhari administration should be commended for its economic diversification policy, particularly with regard to developments in the agricultural sector of the economy. This is a strength of the government for which it can raise its shoulder high. And at the same time it gives the populace a faint hope that the regime can still perform better if it can get into its good day!



Insecurity, such as insurgency in the North East of the country, farmers’herders’ clashes, kidnapping etc. seems to cast more shadow on whether or not the administration can navigate the country out of these problems.


Almost total mismanagement of the exchange rate of the currency that has caused an unprecedented inflation, unemployment and poverty are serious drawbacks to what the administration was expected to have contributed to the growth of the national economy. After all, despite the administration’s efforts at providing infrastructure and despite Billions of Naira so far spent on roads and electricity (supply remains epileptic) further casting doubts on the government’s ability to bequeath a lasting legacy in the remaining three years of the administration.


The fight against corruption, one of the much touted mantra, under which the government came to power seems to be suffering from “inertia syndrome”. Several analysts has scored the regime low on this fight, my opinion is that the regime so far has performed below expectations in this area being one of the major reasons for the election of the APC government in 2015 it should have done better in this direction.


NCDC BILL:                

I think the Bill may be far away from being withdrawn, rather the House of Representatives may want to succumb to public pressure by using the opportunity of the public hearing to correct sections of the Bill being objected to by the public.


Furthermore, irrespective of the fact that “the all-powerful governors forum” have called for the withdrawal of the Bill, I think the National Assembly will prefer to be seen to assert its constitutional responsibility/Right and not to be seen to bow to both the public and governors pressures.


Another reason, why the Bill will not just be withdrawn just like that, has to do with the person who sponsored the Bill, namely The Speaker of the House. Were it just an ordinary member, he could have chickened out! Secondly, an important factor why the Honorable Speaker may not succumb to the Governors pressure is the power base in Lagos State politics does not lie per se with the incumbent Governor, rather both the Speaker and the State Governor rely on the same“Godfather” otherwise, the scenario would have played itself out differently!


Another reason why the Bill is not likely to be withdrawn, is if the bribery allegations against a USA Billionaire, as regards the vaccine component of the Bill. In its own way, those that have been accused may not want to be seen to give up easily at this stage.



 Internal Affairs Minister, Rauf Aregbesola


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