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Africa braces for Trump era



Drastic review of relations expected


By Lukmon Akintola


Africans are bracing for the emergent era of President Donald Trump in the United States of America and already the signs are that relations between America and the mother continent would definitely change.

This is coming in the wake of the just concluded presidential elections in the country where Trump, the candidate of the Republican Party, shocked bookmakers and particularly many across the continent of Africa, by trouncing the Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton.

But then there are also others who say that from their indepth reading of the American political scene, the victory was not totally unexpected.

According to the President of The Nigeria Initiative, Mr. Vincent Chiedu, the victory of Trump is indeed a reflection of ground realities in the United States and as such it cannot be faulted.

Chiedu, who is author of the book, 100 Things Jesus Did Not Say, however went on to observe that rather than focus on the victory of Trump per se, he rather sees a situation where the Trump team would focus on cutting back on aid to countries like Nigeria and continents like Africa which he says may indeed pan out to be a blessing in disguise.

‘The Zimbabwean economist, Dambisa Moyo wrote a book called ‘Dead Aid.’ The reality is that aid does not really help a people to grow, develop and live out their full potential. After World War II for example, what America did was to institute a Marshall Plan to help Germany rebuild it’s infrastructure. They did not give them aid. Even some of the more evident successful growth models in the world today like China are not based on aid. So if the Trump victory means a drying up of aid to Nigeria and Africa as we know it today, then so be it!’

Chiedu who spoke in an interview with The Difference, Wednesday therefore called on Africans to put on their thinking caps and use the opportunity now being offered by the Trump era to properly develop the continent, using the plethora of resources that are aleady available to it.

Specifically, he tasked Africa’s largest economy and most populous nation, Nigeria to rise up to its historical mission and develop both itself and extendedly, also lead the process of developing the continent.

In a Facebook post, Bassey Ewah concurred, putting the current challenge for the continent in even more cryptic terms:

‘The win of Donald Trump, the rise of extreme right wing politics across the US and europe indicates that it is time that Africa wakes up from sleep. The conservative white man has shown you he has no need for you.’



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