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Africa shines as Mbappe wins it for France


Nigerians cheer French win

By Tasie Theodore


Kylian Mbappe, the youthful French football sriker of African origin was the star of the match, Saturday when France humbled Argentina 4-3 to advance into the quarter finals stage of the ongoing 2018 Russia Wold Cup Competition, holding in Russia.

Mbappe singularly scored two goals in the match.

With this outcome, the alleged dream of Argentina’s Lionel Messi to create a new world record has equally been dashed given that his team is no longer in contention in the tournament.

And underscoring Nigerian pain over the Argentina’s stopping her from moving on in the competition, many Nigerians openly cheered the French while the match lasted, and took to social media subsequently to celebrate their win.


French national team player, Kylian Mbappe



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