Why Africans remain at the bottom in America (4)



Why Africans remain at the bottom in America (4)


By Edema Tosan


Our analysis continues from Part 3 where we interrogated the challenge for descendants of Africans in the pioneering years of the slave experience. We now take the story further…


1695-1740: The best way to describe the continuation of the socio-economic disparities is aligning the slave owner to buying a home that always leads to appreciating dividends from day one. As for  the slaves, just as with buying a car, in most cases, once you drive the car from the parking lot the value of the car continues to depreciates unlike the value of a house which appreciates and can still be upgraded to increase the overall value. The slave owners began to sniff that trouble was brewing, feeling one day that their unearned claims to power will eventually erode or fade away. Instead of slave owners and their now 2nd-3rd generations to explore better and amicable humane principles to co-exist; they instead dug in their madness and even tried to weaponize the bible to camouflage and justify their inhumane proclamations.



If you are still keeping up with the original descendants financial trajectory, the original slave owner and his slaves by now have at a minimum 2-3 or 4 descendant generations. The slave owner’s generations thus far approached 50-100 offspring of some educated descendants whose bills have been paid directly from the sweat and blood of the slaves and slaves descendants. The total profit accumulated by the slave owner continues to grow geometrically (tenth millions ) in the society that continue to provide zero protection and substandard and inhuman conditions for the slaves and slaves descendants. In retrospect the slaves descendants if lucky at the very best might have a few of his descendants with the ability to maybe read some books and acquire some elementary schooling or at best, up to middle school abilities and capabilities.



While the slave owner and his descendants have generated so much wealth from the 80-90% profit of each dollar linked to the direct and indirect profit from the original slave owner’s cotton plantation; the slaves and their descendants so far are still laboring 14-18 hours daily in the same or more plantations with shackles and chains attached to their extremities. Under this inhumane living and working condition, the average slave and slave descendant if lucky is barely paid $1-3 per day by the slave owners with no accountability for their actions. The slave descendants gross income so far totals barely $20000-100000 for their 50-70 offspring from the original slave descendants generations.


1740-1790 As the saying goes, “life is not fair” you make do with what you have ” but this old saying forgot to take into account “from whence you started or came from.” It is totally hard to make do with what you have when you are working more than half a day of hard labour and you barely get paid 1% of 100-200 dollars of what your labour generates daily; year in and out. If you are still keeping up scores, descendants from slave owners combine income along with investment and other diversity dividends and are now in the double digit million range compared with the slave descendants who are still ways under the hundredth thousand digits. Both now have offspring in the triple digits.



At this time the original slaves owner and his descendants now has over 100 educated folks with multi level degrees. The original slaves descendants probably have less than one percent of same education because this  society continues to have two different standards; one for whites with no restraint or restriction; and a different one for blacks with maximum restraint and restrictions. For example, blacks couldn’t eat in white establishments, only whites can go to schools, only whites can get loans and financing. Once again, it is hard to make do with what you gat when you don’t even have anything to begin with. This above summation is further fortified by the fact that slave owners saw slaves and their descendants as inferior, substandard and “advanced or evolved apes”. Hence slave owners and the American society back then passed legislation to stipulate slaves and slave descendants as 3/5 (60%) of a human (US Congressional legislation, 1787).




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