America: Left to Republican voters, 2024 is for Trump



Left to Republican voters, 2024 is for Trump


By John Eche


Despite the charges levelled against him by the prosecutor, more and more Republicans are seemingly rooting for embattled former President Donald Trump in the forthcoming 2024 presidential polls.


According to a recent survey conducted among American Republicans, more than 8 in 10 (83%) of Republicans outrightly insist that Trump should not be forced out of the race, with as many as two-thirds (some 64% of those polled), affirming that Trump is their choice in the GOP primary.


Analysts say that this is an eight point favourability rating for the former President among Republicans and Republican-leaning independents since February. Similarly, the number of Republicans who hold that the charges against the former President are politically motivated has also soared by five points since March.



Embattled former American President, Donald Trump


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