Amid Islamist killings, Burkina Faso votes Sunday



Amid Islamist killings, Burkina Faso votes Sunday


By Tasie Theodore


Amid a rising spate of Islamist killings in the country, the people of Burkina Faso head to the polls this Sunday in a contest that observers see very little chance of its outcome changing the parlous security situation in this Sahelian West African nation, The Difference reports.


Last week, the Islamic State, which is active in the country, claimed to have taken out 20 soldiers after an attack. At the same time, another Islamist group, the Jihadist Group to Support Islam and Muslims, GSIM equally announced that it was responsible for the attack on the soldiers that had been travelling in a convoy.


Already, about 1500 of the 8000 communities in the country are almost guaranteed to be excluded from the polls on account of the poor security situation.


President Roch Marc Christian Kabore, who had promised to confront the insurgency in his first time out, is seeking to be elected for another term in office and going by regional patterns, he is being touted as being the frontliner in the contest.


In other contests held in Cote D’Ivoire and Guinea recently, the incumbent Presidents were elected notwithstanding the clamour and protests that had greeted the processes.


Islamist terror has continued to be a major challenge across much of Africa.



President Kabore of Burkina Faso




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