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#ANCdecides: Heads, tails, Zuma loses


Concern mounts over post-conference fate of embattled president

By Nsikan Ikpe


Notwithstanding the outcome of next week’s elective conference to pick a new leadership for the ruling African National Congress, ANC, odds are that heads, tails, incumbent President Jacob Zuma would be losing out in the power game.

With about the least approval rating of any South African leader in its 23-year post-apartheid era, Zuma who continues to face an avalanche of undermining situations despite that he yet holds the levers of power as leader of the party and president of the nation will after the convention merely be a member of the ruling party and outgoing President.

And with attention being focussed on strengthening the party ahead of the critical 2019 elections, where the ANC is being faced with the sceptre of possible defeat for the first time since the commencement of the multi-racial republic, any of the winners of the top position within the ANC would find it very difficult to publicly canvass the continued retention of Zuma in office as president of the nation, let alone oblige any deals to keep him out of prosecution in the days and weeks that follow.

It is really a very lonely day for Jacob Zuma now.


President Jacob Zuma of South Africa


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