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Anxiety in Kenya ahead of Odinga’s return, Friday


It will change nothing, Uhuru’s loyalists insist

By Nsikan Ikpe


There is considerable anxiety in Kenya ahead of opposition leader, Raila Odinga’s planned return to the country on Friday.

Odinga was candidate of NASA in the elections that were to be annulled by the Supreme Court after the electoral commission had declared his long-time rival, Uhuru Kenyatta as winner.

He later boycotted the re-run polls, insisting that a new electoral commission must be empanelled as a condition precedent for the conduct of the new polls.

Since the conduct of the rerun and the consequent declaration of Uhuru as winner, NASA has refused to recognise the outcome and commenced a series of street protests, product boycott campaigns and county legislatures results disclaimer lobby, as part as a growing wave of civil resistance measures designed to make it impossible for Uhuru to govern going forward. The series of initiatives are expected to culminate in a referendum on the future of the country.

Business activities, which were reduced to a lower tempo ahead of the elections itself are yet to fully pick up in the country, which coincidentally is East Africa’s largest economy.

And in a related development, displeasure over the extant state of affairs in Kenya seems to be increasing. In one such move @KBonimtetezi (Citizen Boni Khalwale) took to Twitter Tuesday to advocate for another round of constitutional restructuring that will effectively change the nation from a unitary to a federal construct.

For him the present arrangement should be reviewed to bring into effect ‘The Federal Republic of Kenya comprising

  1. Nairobi State
  2. Western State
  3. Nyanza State
  4. Coastal State
  5. Upper Eastern State
  6. Lower Eastern State
  7. Central State
  8. North Rift State
  9. South Rift State
  10. North Eastern State.’

He elaborated:


A huge section of Kenyans remain excluded from the commonwealth of  this nation. The conversation & agitation for secession can only grow louder! Let’s strengthen devolution to forestall this by consolidating counties into ten states to form a strong Federal Republic of Kenya.’



Kenya Opposition leader, Raila Odinga


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