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Apprehension over Radio Biafra



n the eve of the visit of President Muhammadu Buhari to the US, there is online apprehension all across Nigeria over the activities of the pirate Radio Biafra with several commentators urging that both the Nigerian authorities and the Igbo nation need to exercise utmost concern in addressing the issue.

The station allegedly set up by one Daniel Kanu has been declared illegal by the NBC

In his post, one Ó. ‏@OluwaLatte 7m7, said: There’s no objective story about this Biafra thing. Every story told from one point of bias.

As for Dumnodi Okonta ‏@mitchokonta: This Radio Biafra signal is so strong and it is even clearer than most stations in Lagos….NBC, FG do something before it gets converts…

Vlad ‏@AbiodunOmonijo says: It’s not alright when a section keep threatening the country with succession.

His hashtag is even more instructive: #ReferendumForBiafra and other dissatisfied groups.

Cinderella Man ‏@Osi_Suave 14m14 minutes ago

Mr Stanley Nwabia ‏@MrStanleyNwabia is a lot more circumspect:  To many survivors, Biafra was a tragedy frm ALL ends. Our generation must stop romanticizing Biafra but tackle issues that led to it.

Sucre’ ‏@DtweetTALIBAN takes the discussion further: This is a tweet twitter will ignore sha “@wickedstepmami: But sahara reporters is more of a problem than radio biafra.”

II ‏@Monazeni says: Growing up, no Igbo person I know wants biafra. But these RadioBiafra nonsense will make it seem so.

On her part, Blossom ‏@blossomnnodim counselled: 

I sincerely pray that the genuine grievances of the Igbo people that Nnamdi Kanu is currently exploiting with Radio Biafra, be addressed.

She continues:

I am for an open and honest conversation about Biafra. The likes of Nnamdi Kanu seem to think otherwise hence the Radio Biafra hate style.

Cinderella Man ‏@Osi_Suave affirms: Its 2015 people not 1967. If u want a Biafra now just know ure trying to fight a war you will once again lose.

The discussion threads are not limited to twitter. On his facebook handle, the rambunctious Pa Ikhide insists that Nigeria’s current President, Muhammadu Buhari has no moral standing to take on the Radio Biafra proponents given his own alleged inflammatory comments in the past.


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