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AU: Meet Dlamini-Zuma’s likely successor


As support builds for Botswana Foreign Minister

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By Ada Anioji


Botswana’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Pelonomi Venson-Moitoi is the most likely successor to outgoing African Union, AU President, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma.

A Motswana journalist and politician representing the ruling Botswana Democratic Party, she is a long-standing political player in the Southern African nation.

She was appointed to the National Assembly of Botswana in 1999 as one of the four specially selected members and was re-elected in 2004 general elections.

Venson-Moitoi was the Minister of Works, Transport and Communications 2001–2002 and Minister of Trade, Industry, Wildlife and Tourism 2002–2004.

She was appointed as the Minister of Communications, Science, and Technology to the cabinet in 2004. In the 2009 cabinet, Venson-Moitoi was appointed Minister of Communications, Science and Technology before moving on to serve as Minister of Education

Meanwhile, President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe this morning became the first African Head of State to arrive Rwanda for the very decisive Heads of State and Government segment of the summit which would among other things, witness the formal launch of the historic Single All-African Passport.

Dlamini-Zuma had declined the option of staying on for a second term in office as she is returning to her country, South Africa, where she is being tipped to first replace incumbent President Jacob Zuma as leader of the ruling African National Congress, ANC, and later as President of the Republic of South Africa.


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