Beirut blast: Lebanon’s Prime Minister and entire government step down


Report has confirmed that Lebanon’s Prime Minister, Hassan Diab and his entire government have stepped down over last week’s Tuesday August 4 blast which decimated a large portion of the capital Beirut killing more than 160 people.

Also the Lebanese government has been plagued by accusations of corruption and gross mismanagement.

The bomb blast was linked to a long forgotten stash of explosive chemicals stored at a port in Beirut.

The blast sparked days of violent protests as dozens of protesters hurled stones, fireworks and Molotov cocktails at security forces who responded with several rounds of tear gas, leading to the resignation of three cabinet ministers and seven members of parliament last week.

However, Prime Minister Hassan Diab, addressing the nation on Monday Night in Beirut announced his resignation and that of his government calling the blast a “disaster beyond measure.”

In his speech, Diab berated Lebanon’s ruling political elite for growing “an apparatus of corruption bigger than the state.”
“We have fought valiantly and with dignity,” he said, referring to members of his cabinet.
“Between us and change is big powerful barrier.”

He compared the explosion to an “earthquake that rocked the country” prompting his government to resign. “We have decided to stand with the people,” he said.



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