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Benue Governor restates case for ranching



Calls for massive overhaul of cattle rearing methods 


By Ada Anioji


Governor of Benue State in North Central Nigeria, has restated his earlier call for the wholesale adoption of ranching as a comprehensive solution to the spate of farmers/herdsmen clashes in the country.

The Governor made is call during an appearance Sunday on the Channels TV programme, Hard Copy.

Explaining the basis of his advocacy, the governor argued that it was essentially a matter of shifting demographics.

‘When grazing routes were enacted in the 1950s, the population was about 40 million, now we are inching to 200 million. It has become a problem,’ Ortom said.

He insisted that it was disingenuous to continue to make the point that nomadic graxing was what was indigenous to Nigeria.

‘If we borrowed the Presidential system of government from America, why don;t we also borrow ranching? I was in Swaziland sometime ago and I found out that their major export earner is beef which they ranch.’

On the causes of the clashes involving farmers and herdsmen, he stated that their checks have since confirmed that there was more to it than meets the eye.

‘I am aware there is a militia that is maintained and hired by the herdsmen. Today in Nigeria, this militia is responsible for a lot of the kidnapping that is going on,’ the governor asserted.


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