Botswana’s stormy petrel set to take a bow


He is The Difference’s Pick for Mo Ibrahim Prize 2018

By John Eche


Botswana’s stormy petrel, President Seretse Ian Khama is set to take his exit from power next week and valedictory sessions are being held in his honour in Gabarone presently.

A scourge of the continent’s dictators, he is on record as having called for the removal from office of former President, Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe and Congolese strongman, Joseph Kabila.

Khama, whose father had been the founding Independence leader of the nation, is The Difference’s pick for the 2018 Mo Ibrahim Prize.

Located within the Southern African sub-region, Botswana is adjudged as being one of the most stable and steadily prosperous nations in the continent.

We will miss him.


Ian Khama, outgoing President of Botswana.

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