Bringing closure to the #EndSARS debacle



Bringing closure to the #EndSARS debacle


Nigeria has been enmeshed in what has now come to be regarded as the #EndSARS debacle for about a month now. It is time to bring closure to the issue.


In matters as this, truth, honesty and a sense of commitment to justice are imperative. And without belabouring the point, it is expected that the Federal Government of Nigeria would take the high road, rise fully to the occasion and ensure that at the end of the day, the country would be better for it.


From a point of perspective, it has to be emphasised that the young people of Nigeria that got on their feet to demand an end to police brutality in the country are not the problem. They are rather patriots and well-intentioned citizens who saw a lingering problem and responded to have it resolved. That events were to later degenerate into unwanted dimensions of violence and looting does not fundamentally invalidate the fact that they had risen in good faith to fix a problem that even the authorities have come to admit needed to be solved. So we repeat for emphasis, the #EndSARS protesters are not the problem.


We call on the different spectrum of leaders and government institutions that are involved in facilitating the emergence of a complete an unimpeachable narrative about what has transpired in this unsavoury saga to carry out their duties with all sense of fidelity to the broader interests of the Nigerian people. We demand maximum support and cooperation with the respective judicial commissions of inquiry that have presently been enabled. No doubt Nigerians want closure on the subject as soon as is possible. But they want a closure that is both just and satisfactory. We must ensure that we give them that. It is our reasonable duty to them.



#EndSARS protesters undertaking a peaceful candlelight procession in honour of victims of police brutality






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