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Cameroon crisis may take toll on sports, election


Elections may be postponed

By Akpo Ometan


The lingering political crisis in Cameroon is taking its toll on almost every aspect of the Central African nation’s life, The Difference can authoritatively report.

The crisis which has recently grown to become most burdensome is on account of protests over acts of discrimination and marginalization by the Francophone bloc against the Anglophone component of the multi-lingual nation.

Enraged over the poor treatment that they have been receiving in their own country, elements of the Anglophone bloc have declared an independent Republic of Ambazonia, a move that is being brutally resisted by the Paul Biya-led central government which has since rolled in the tanks all across the anglophone areas.

With tens dead, schools closed, businesses disrupted and hundreds of thousands of citizens having already fled the nation, some of the latest casualties that may emerge as the crisis festers include the likelihood that General Elections scheduled for October may be postponed while next year’s African Cup of Nations, AFCON football tournament, which the nation had since secured the hosting rights for, may be moved to another location within the continent. And then there is also the Boko Haram insurgency that also significantly continues to have a disruptive impact on the nation.

Observers reason that indeed, part of the deeper challenge is that with Cameroon hard put to fund its spiralling security challenges, it is finding it immensely difficult to also meet up with other core imperatives like infrastructure development and social services.

President Biya has been in the saddle for 35 years and is running once again for another 7-year term in October.




President Paul Biya of Cameroon

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