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Cameroon may jail opposition leader, but…


Set to face sedition, insurrection charges

By Tasie Theodore

Feelers from Cameroon indicate that the Paul Biya administration may soon jail opposition leader, Maurice Kamto for his role in anti-government protests in the country.

Kamto, a former justice minister in the country had contested against Biya in the 2018 polls and insists that Biya, who has run the country for 36 years and counting, did not win the elections.

According to sources, the opposition leader, who was detained on Monday, is due to be charged for sedition and insurrection among other grounds.

Analysts however say that the prosecution and likely imprisonment of the opposition leader may only however worsen embattled President Biya’s increasingly precarious hold on the nation. With his failing health condition and a bevy of fawning officials who are clearly supporting him yet on account of what they can get for themselves, commentators say that it is really only a matter of time now before the entire Biya power control infrastructure would come crashing.

Now 85 years old, Biya is the second post-Independence leader to have presided over the affairs of state in the predominantly Francophone nation that is presently wracked by conflicts from Boko Haram Islamists and Anglophone separatists.

President Paul Biya of Cameroon

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