Chivita: The brand endures


Over two decades after its introduction, the Chivita brand remains a valued healthy food drink


 Chivita 100% no added Sugar is a subsidiary of Chi Limited. Chivita 100% fruit juice was introduced into the Nigeria market in 1996. Since then the product  has become a healthy lifestyle food drink in Nigeria, and a flagship brand of Chi. The product in its holistic brand become the leader of the juice market. In 2004, the brand entered into a partnership with Manchester United Football club as its official soft drink in Nigeria. Chivita has six brands under the Chivita portfolio, among these are Chivita active, Chi Exotic Nectar, Happy Hour, Chivita Caparisone and Chi ice.

Speaking at a recent Chivita master brand immersion session in Lagos, brand manager, Ademola Mafi Kuyomi emphasized the benefit of fruit drinks, and particularly his own Chivita brand. He said, Chivita 100% is purely natural fruit juice with no added sugar, noting that it is sweet because there are naturally existing sucrose, fortified with vitamin C.

‘We are committed to the production of quality and healthy processed foods. We have a responsibility to educate and inform consumer on the benefit of fruit drinks. Over the years, there has been misinformation about fruit drinks. Consumer were given wrong information on juice drinks and its processes”.

“We have started a campaign on the benefit of fruit drinks, hoping to support the potential process and information on the benefit of 100% fruit juice when consumed in moderation,’ Kuyomi elaborated.

It will be recalled that Chi limited was incorporated in 1980, and commenced business activities with the production of Caprisone in 1981. Chi, Kuyomi noted, is an IS0 22000 certified company and complies strictly with ISO 9901 management quality systems to deliver packaged foods that support healthy lifestyles.

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