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Concern mounts over crackdown on Anglophone Cameroon


19 killed in high-handed reprisals from security forces

By John Eche


For daring to ask for a state of their own, the principally anglophone people of Southern Cameroon are facing a very vicious crackdown from the authorities in Yaounde, The Difference has learnt.

In the ensuing confrontation, at least 19 deaths have so far been recorded in the protests which are being traced back to the distorted manner in which the scramble for the partition of Africa by the then European powers was carried out.

Notes one commentator on the crisis: There is really nothing wrong with having large countries; but you must ensure they are justly organised and graciously administered to the benefit of all. This seems not to be the situation in Southern Cameroon where protests have been continuing now for days.’

Interestingly, on the eve of the February 1961 Plebiscite that brought about the reunification of the English-speaking South with the rest of the country, the maverick political player, EML Endeley and his Cameroon Peoples National Convention (CPNC) party had pleaded with the people of Southern Cameroon to ‘look carefully before they leapt.’ Sadly, the power-mongers in Yaounde are proving by their current actions that he may have been right, after all.

Anglophone Cameroon accounts for about 20 percent of the total population of the nation, which had been colonised by Germany, France and the United Kingdom.

Cameroon, which is located in the Central African sub-region, is one of the nations that borders Nigeria.


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