Congo: Election fever grips restive nation


Days to long-delayed polls, where is Congo headed?

By Nsikan Ikpe


An election fever of sorts has gripped the very restive Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC.

And commentators are saying that it is one that needs to be very carefully handled.

Ahead of polling to choose a successor to the reluctantly departing Joseph Kabila, many things are on the deck.

One, Kabila, who fought for two long years to find a way around the inevitability of his exit is not saying much.

Two, the opposition which was supposed to produce one strong consensus candidate has left voters with at least three

Three, the Kabila stand-in Emmanuel Sharady, has not risen to the fore to demonstrate that he could like Joao Lourenco of Angolarise to be his own man.

Though he has recently unveiled a five-year plan for the nation, many remain unimpressed.

And four, regional leaders who had been on standby to prevent the long-running state of unease in the mineral-rich nation from spilling further into their own territories do not seem to have a plan on what to do next.

And the nation must choose. Pray for Congo today.




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