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Congo: When a man’s ambition endangers a nation


For Joseph Kabila, leaving office today is what his nation needs!

By Tony Opara


The Democratic Republic of Congo has been a troubled nation for many years now and even today, concern mounts over its deepening levels of crisis following the refusal of President Joseph Kabila to take a honourable exit from power.

Shortly after securing independence from colonial Belgian rule, its first post-Independence Prime Minister, the very visionary Patrice Lumumba was murdered by mutinous troops.

Power then fell into the hands of Mobutu Sese Seko who rode roughshod over the nation for very many years, cornering a lot of the national patrimony to his personal use, to the very ridiculous extent that he on, at least one occasion, loaned the nation money to pay critical bills, including workers salaries!

Today, the president of the nation is Joseph Kabila, whose tenure has formally expired but who is clearly unwilling to let go.

Crisis and tension has engulfed the nation for years now, including in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) which has been wracked in instability since 2012, forcing many to live in refugee camps

Even as we write the DR Congo continues to once again face unstable and unpredictable times. The consensus really is that the ‘longer President Joseph Kabila stays in office, the more the constitutional crisis deepens.’

Even at the same time violence is increasing again in the eastern Congo and the Kasai region. The African Union and other well-meaning lovers of peace and harmony in Africa must wade in today.


President Joseph Kabila


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