CongoDecides: Tsikeshedi, Kabila clash over claims


Belgium adds its voice to calls for release of results

By Tajudeen Hamzat

The claim by one of the leading contenders in the December 30 presidential polls in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Felix Tsikeshedi that he is not only in pole position to emerge winner of the contest but that he has also been approached by ‘agents of outgoing president, Joseph Kabila’ has been repudiated by the Kabila camp.

Meanwhile, former colonial lords in the DRC, Belgium has added its voice to growing calls for the speedy release of the official results of the polls. The European nation spoke through its Foreign Minister.

A second opposition candidate, Martin Fayulu had previously been hinted as having won the polls.

No new date was given by the electoral commission for the release of the results of the heavily contested polls when it was postponed on Sunday.

Congo opposition presidential hopeful, Martin Fayulu

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