Cote D’Ivoire: Results declaration aggravates tension


Cote D’Ivoire: Results declaration aggravates tension


By John Eche


The declaration of the results of Saturday’s polls in Cote D’Ivoire is aggravating heightened tension, with the opposition intensifying its call for a civil transition.


According to figures released by the Electoral Commission, incumbent President Alasane Ouattara won by securing 94.27 percent of the votes cast in the contest that had been boycotted by the opposition.


While the results do not come as a surprise to many, the challenge now is how the nation would secure the peace going forward even as over three dozen people have already died in sporadic violence since August when President Ouattara announced his decision to run for a third term in office.


Another point of challenge would be the effects of the situation on residents and businesses in the country. Ahead of voting for example, hundreds of residents of the capital, Abidjan had relocated to the interior to avoid being caught up in election-related violence. In the same vein, many businesses temporarily closed shop to avoid incidents of looting and destruction as had been witnessed in previous upheavals.


Before now, Cote D’Ivoire had been one of the fastest growing economies in Africa and the whole world.



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