Coup fears: Burkina Faso on the edge



Coup fears: Burkina Faso on the edge



By John Eche



The Islamist-besieged nation of Burkina Faso is on the edge as heavy gunfire has continued to be heard in areas close to the presidential palace for many hours, The Difference reports.


While the junta leader is still claiming to be in charge of affairs in the Sahelian West African nation, a palpable air of tension has gripped many in the country and sub-region.


Insecurity is rife and growing in Central and West Africa and has in recent years led to unrest, military coups and an endangering of the democratic political order that was largely restored to the continent in the 1990s.


The clearest indication of what exactly is going on has come from analysts who point to months of growing unease within the armed forces on account of the slow progress being made in the war against Islamist insurgents that control almost a fifth of the nation’s landmass. Paradoxically, the incumbent junta leader had come to power, on  among other grounds, disaffection with the poor handling of the war by the previous civilian administration that had been headed by the ousted leader, Marc Roch Kabore.



Colonel Paul-Henri Sandaogo Damiba, Burkina Faso’s junta leader



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