Dangote Refinery may not have products for you until Q1 2024


Dangote Refinery may not have products for you until Q1 2024


By John Eche


Nigeria’s long-awaited Dangote Refinery and Petrochemical Complex may not have petroleum products to trade to the consuming public until sometime into the first quarter of 2024, analysts are surmising.


This is coming on the heels of a disclosure by the state-controlled Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited that it would only be able to supply the first tranche of crude oil needed by the refinery to test-run its operations sometime in December.


According to the analysts, given that there is also a necessary period of checks and observations that would follow on the test-run period, as well as quality control and regulatory oversight and the building up of stock and firming up of marketing and distribution processes and platforms, the earliest that products would be getting to end-users could be sometime within the first quarter of 2024.


Despite Nigeria being a notable decades-old crude oil producer, local refining capacity has almost all been eroded in recent years leading to the placing of a grave economic burden on the country and the population.



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