‘Let the music play’
Today’s ‘formal cross-carpeting incident’ may have effectively flagged off the open phase of the campaign for the 2019 presidency! And very well too!
Some will argue that it is too early to start the contest. That is a half-truth as the reality is that by virtue of their position, incumbents that are interested in another term in office, literally have a head-start in campaigning for re-election the moment they get elected! As for other contenders, they are very likely to find themselves short-changed ab initio if they do not ‘think out of the box.’
Without meaning it, this point was to be corroborated in the official reaction of APC spokesman, Bolaji Abdullahi, to news of the resignation of the former Vice-President from the ruling party. According to him, “It takes many years to build a strong political party.’
In the same vein, it does take a whole lot of time, attention, networking and the deployment of resources to put in place and run an effective and credible presidential bid. And given that Nigeria has some 36 states in all, it will take a serious candidate, working at least 37 weekends in all to cover the length and breadth of the nation and the FCT in addition to time spent on other equally important campaign-related matters, meetings and activities. And from this time of writing to the contemplated October date when the party primaries to select candidates would be held, the aspirants only have some 40 plus weeks to seriously challenge the already structurally-entrenched incumbent!
And come to think of it, with the moves already going on to rail-road everyone into acquiescing unto the inevitability of an automatic second term for the incumbent, the polity and nation needed a bigger jolt than say, a Fayose could offer in the present scenario. So, heads or tails, Nigeria wins!
Let the music play!
President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria



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