Detained media worker, Chido Onumah released


Detained media worker released

By Nsikan Ikpe

Detained media worker, Dr. Chido Onumah, who had been arrested upon his return from a European trip on Sunday, has presently been released.

Sources say Onumah had indeed been arrested on account of misunderstanding arising from a passenger’s complaint over the lettering on the promotional T-shirt for one of his books that he was wearing on the flight.

The caption, We are all Biafrans, synchronises with the title of his best-selling critical exposition on the Nigerian condition that is being sold all over the world.

Onumah, who had graduated from the University of Calabar, recently bagged a Ph.D in Communication.

A columnist for both Premium Times and Sahara Reporters, he equally runs the Abuja-based Africa Centre for Media and Information Literacy, AFRICMIL.

Responding to news of his release, one commentator remarked that it was indeed most inexplicable that such a trifle had to be elevated to the point where it had to be escalated to a State Security Services headquarters inquiry, wondering why the Airport Desk of the service could not have dispensed with the subject on the spot.

Questions over why activist, Chido Onumah was arrested

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