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Drumbeats trail eventual license award to MCSN


Excitement as Ayilaran, Williki, others rejoice

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By Vicky Bricks


More drumbeats and hilarious moments have continued to trail the issuance of a license to the Musical Copyright Society of Nigeria, MCSN,  more than a decade after it was registered to collect copyright royalties for musicians.

MCSN is an incorporated collective association of authors, composers, arrangers and publishers of music whose mission is to manage effectively the intellectual property rights of its members and affiliates and protecting their rights adequately.

General Manager, Mayo Ayilaran and other key members, Orits Williki, George Dureke, etc, have been rejoicing and tell whoever cares to listen since the license was granted last weekend that it is victory for all after fighting rigorously to achieve the feat.

According to them, the Nigerian Copyright Council (NCC), ‘’for some strange reasons,’’ refused to grant opderating license to MCSN that has owned both Nigerian and international repertoire for over a decade but to license another competitor.

‘’These kinds of things can only happen in Nigeria. And the moral lesson is to never give up on whatever you believe in, fight for your rights, justice shall always prevail no matter how long,’’ George Dureke, one of the forces behind MCSN said.

He explained that copyright is an intellectual property, just like a house or any other physical property which the owner has a choice of who can collect his or her royalties from any part of the world on their behalf.

‘’That the NCC denied MCSN its right to collect royalties from its members is the worst injustice of all times. Imagine another estate manager collecting rents from your houses for over a decade and not remit a kobo to you just because the government gave it a license monopoly to do so,’’ Dureke added.

In his words, Pupa Orits (Orits Williki) sounding rather philosophical, stated that man is not God. ‘’His thinking doesn’t go like ours neither is our judgment His judgment. In His time the trees shall go green and bear its desired fruit. It’s only in Nigeria that somebody can seize your property’s rent…’’

Other members who reacted to the cheering development like ex-PMAN president, Femi Lasode, soundtrack wizard, Mike Nliam, Francis Goldman and a host of others also expressed their gratitude to God for MCSN’s eventual triumph.

The battle for its registration was trailed by series of litigations in courts while it lasted.


Orits Williki

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