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Emmanuella, the new face of Nollywood




Emmanuella: The new face of the Nigerian Entertainment industry

By Timeyin Mammah


Emmanuella Samuel, a 7-year old comedian is currently making unprecedented waves in the Nigerian Entertainment Industry and even as far as Hollywood. Recently she informed us of the news that she was going to feature in a Walt Disney project.

Her story has generated interests from everywhere to the extent that the Senate President, Bukola Saraki has invited her to the Senate Chambers to discuss how to improve the Nigerian entertainment industry.

Founded by her cousin, Mark Angel, she has thrilled many and despite her age she has achieved far beyond the norm. Her YouTube Channel Mark Angel Comedy is the most viewed and followed channel in Nigeria.

Emmanuella’s story is an inspiration to all, both young and old. It simply passes a message that if you are passionate about achieving your goals you can if you keep working at it. Indeed, Emmanuella’s entrance into the Nigerian entertainment industry has opened the door for other young talents to come in.




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