#EndSARS: Why are hoodlums getting away with murder?



#EndSARS: Why are hoodlums getting away with murder?


By John Eche


With the increasing numbers of attacks on unarmed protesters in Nigeria at the moment, many are beginning to ask why hoodlums are almost literally being permitted to hold sway in the streets.


The protests which are being carried out by a loose assemblage of youths have been going on now for the better part of two weeks with the declared intention to #EndSARS, a reference to the Special Anti Robbery Squad of the Nigeria Police that has been fingered in several acts of police brutality and extra-judicial killing.


Though the government has gone ahead to disband the outfit, protesters are adamant that much more needs to be done. They are insisting that they want to see the immediate prosecution of indicted officers as well as the prompt payment also of compensation to the families of victims. They are also pushing for a further stream of reform measures that include enhanced welfare for police personnel.


Disturbingly, while the protesters have largely carried out their activities in a most civil way, they have come under attack now and again from thugs, hoodlums and even security personnel. And the question now is why are these hoodlums that are attacking protesters being allowed to literally get away with murder?



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