#EndSARS: Protests signal fresh political awakening



#EndSARS: Protests signal fresh political awakening


By John Eche


The #EndSARS protests that have been taking place in Nigeria in the past two weeks signal a fresh political awakening that could have quite some impact on the nation’s political processes beginning from the forthcoming bye-elections in some parts of the country and then advancing onto the 2023 elections season, The Difference has learnt.


According to commentators and activists that The Difference spoke with, the challenge that is before the nation at the moment is to raise a new crop of political actors that would ensure that going forward, the nation is better governed and administered.


Already a number of activists are taking to social media to make such advocacy:

‘Elder Seun
If we want to end bad governance in Nigeria, we should not wait for #2023ElectionforYouth. There are some elections coming up soon in some states.

Let’s use these elections to mobilize ourselves, test people’s accountability and of course make mistakes before 2023.’


Even at Gun Point I will not vote any one from PDP or APC, if I no see any young candidate I go my house.
This nonsense must stop!
#2023ElectionforYouth #EndBadGovernanceinNIGERIA


If u want to be my president, age 25-45, start telling me how u want to reform Nigeria, don’t tell me u will build road, house, give 5k to everyone blah blah, get ur manifesto based on the current economy, start now.


Though the protests began as essentially a campaign for police reforms, it has however since snowballed into a broader clamour for better governance in the country.



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