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Ex-militants threaten showdown


Oil flow in danger

EX-MILTANTS under the Amnesty Phase II today have threatened to go back to the creeks to cause colossal damages to the Nigerian Economy if the Presidential Amnesty Office fails to correct, reactivate their bank accounts as well as pay them their entitlements including stipends.


Aron Emmanuel, Roland Moses and Segba Perez as Chairman, Secretary and Public Relations Officer, respectively, handed down the threat on behalf of the Ex-militants during a conference in Warri.


The Ex-militants claimed that they have not been receiving their entitlement since 2010 after their trainings. The Ex-Militants accuses Officials of the Presidential Amnesty Office of alleged connivance with their leaders in diverting their stipends from the United Bank of Africa, UBA, the initial account opened for them to other banks particularly the Fidelity and Ecobank.


They claimed that they have made several attempts has been since 2010 till date to the amnesty office in Abuja but no result was achieved stressing that,” We have not received any payment since that time.” The Ex-militants also claimed that they have been threatened with death warnings by unknown persons pointing out that some of their colleagues have died. They appealed to the President Muhammadu Buhari led administration to help correct the anomalies in the Presidential Amnesty Office with a view to paying them their entitlements as they are now ready to return to the Creeks to forement more troubles and cause damage to the economy of the country.


The Ex-militants also called on the Federal Government of Nigeria to correct and reactivate their bank accounts as well as pay them their long overdue stipends under the ongoing the Presidential Amnesty Programme. The Ex-militants also want the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC to investigate the the fraud in the Amnesty Office pointing out that they have forwarded documents to its Abuja Office to that effects.


Source: Vanguard


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