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Family of cremated Nigerian takes fight to Facebook



‘We will not give up until Justice is done’

shola and Kuba Gaska


By Ada Anioji


The family of Mrs Shola Gaska, nee Adefolalu, a Nigerian who died in Poland recently and who has since been cremated on the instructions of her husband, Jakub Gaska, have taken their campaign to compel the authorities to investigate the circumstances leading to her death to Facebook

Affirming that they are not satisfied with the explanations of the husband on the subject that Shola had suffered a tumor, they insist that there is something definitely fishy in the entire proceedings and want a comprehensive review of the matter by the concerned authorities in Poland to ensure that justice is done and seen to be done.

According to the accompanying note attached to a public petition and posted on his Facebook wall, Mr Henry Essien Nelson, brother-in-law of the deceased, explained that:

‘Jakub Qba Gaska seems determined to wipe Shola Adefolalu his wife who died under questionable circumstances from the face of this earth. He has cremated her without her family’s consent or their sighting her body, deleted her facebook page, deleted her website and up till date not posted a single tribute to her on his facebook page. He has treated Shola with such disdain and deeply hurt her family and friends by his actions. Above all I am deeply convinced that he has a lot to hide and want him exposed and made accountable for his actions. Please join me in signing the petition below.’

The campaign is ongoing on social media under the hashtag: #JusticeforSholly.

It will be recalled that the late Shola had gone over to Poland as a student following which, she had met and fallen in love with Jakub and they were subsequently married.




Shola and Kuba Gaska





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