Five facts about Stella Immanuel, doctor in COVID-19 cure claim


By John Eche


Stella Immanuel is an American doctor of Cameroonian descent and claims that the anti-malaria drug can treat Covid-19.


The notable social media platforms, Facebook and Twitter, have since taken down the viral video in which she had appeared based on what they term their policies on misinformation and insinuating that her Covid-19 remarks were in violation of those policies.


She had schooled at the University of Calabar Medical School in Nigeria before relocating to the United States and now practices in the Texan city of Houston. And quite understandably, her speech has generated a lot of social media interest all across Nigeria. Some of her schoolmates back in the day at the University of Calabar who spoke to The Difference following the outbreak of the controversy following the release of her video, attest to the fact that she has always had a ‘feisty and most determined spirit.’


Dr Immanuel is also a Christian pastor and several other videos of her ministering to her congregations have also come to be widely circulated after her major video came to the fore.


She gave her controversial speech on the rampaging Covid-19 pandemic on the steps of the US Supreme Court in Washington.


In the eye of the storm: Dr Stella Immanuel




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