Democratic succession wins as Botswana’s 5th president takes office

By Tony Opara

Botswana has a new leader, Mokgweetsi Masisi, who has just taken office, Monday morning. A former Vice-President of the Southern African nation, the new leader is a former teacher, who has since risen through the ranks to today become President.

Underscoring the fact that he is indeed most accomplished in his own rights, Masisi has held a string of appointments and positions through the years and served as Vice President in the past decade. he however faces a basic challenge in the fact that his predecessor, Seretse Ian Khama had indeed cut it so big on the national and international stage.

But not one to be daunted, Masisi in his inauguration address has promised to continue in the national task of solving all of the problems that remain in the country, including the relatively huge youth unemployment burden.

The landlocked Southern African nation is also one of the world’s leading producers of diamonds.


Khama and Masisi




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