Fresh scramble for Africa: Is America too late


Details of Trump’s counter-strategy being awaited

By Tasie Theodore


The United States of America is finally taking a position on the fresh scramble for African lands, hearts and resources, The Difference can confirm.

After almost two years of watching the Chinese, Russians, Iran and North Korea secure a critical toehold within the continent, Washington is finally intent on rolling out its own basket of policies to counter the gains.

While waiting for the proposed policies to be unveiled however, analysts are however wondering whether given the long avowed penchant of the Trump Administration to run an ‘America First’ government, the current push would not be simply tokenist, and hence too little too late.

China for example has lately been involved in a massive channeling of funds into the continent for its yawning raw material resources needs even as it helps to finance much needed critical infrastructure as well as several fancy projects on the continent.

Some of these include the East African rail network, the Museum of Black Civilization in Senegal and rail construction in Nigeria.

Also in contention is how the continent responds to the schemes by the foreign nations given that at the end of the day, the people of the continent would finally be left with both the positive and negative effects of the incursions.


The Museum of Black Civilisation in Senegal


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