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#GermanyDecides: Merkel may have won, but…


Migration issues on the top burner

By Ada Anioji

#GermanyDecides. With exit polls already projecting a 32 percent lead for her CSU/CDU coalition, Sunday’s election in Germany may very well end with incumbent Kanzlerin, Frau Angela Merkel, being returned to office.

But then there are strong concerns on what the future would bring in the German polity.

This is no thanks to issues raised in the campaigns with questions of migration and refugees having been dominant.

Going forward, analysts wager that the big elephant in the shop may very well be the right-wing AfD party, which has run a strong anti-migration campaign and one that has resonated fairly well with some approximately 13 percent of German voters.

And to cap this performance, it is set to be the first far-right party to sit in the Bundestag in the past six decades.

Even the ruling centrist coalition has taken note of this concern and promised to do something about it.

‘We will conduct a very thorough analysis; we want to regain those voters who voted for the AfD, to discover their concerns,’ Chancellor Merkel has asserted.

It is a concern that many in Africa and indeed the world are also following upon.

Now however, the polls may be getting behind us and the parties commence the very convoluted process of coalition building and government formation, German-style.

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