Ghana, US clash over deportations


7000 Ghanaians face deportation

By Tajudeen Hamzat


The US administration has protested what it sees as Ghana’s ‘delay tactics’ aimed at forestalling the speedy implementation of the Trump administration’s deportations agenda in the immigration arena.

In a recently released ‘Statement on Immigration Law and International Agreements’ the US regretted that the Ghanaian authorities were failing to quickly issue return travel documents to Ghanaian citizens that had in its view, entered the country illegally and was thus hindering its capacity to quickly enforce its deportations agenda.

According to the statement, the lack of these travel documents was making it difficult to get commercial airlines to accept deportees on their flights, thereby compelling the US government to now go into the exorbitant practice of using charter flights to undertake such evictions at US taxpayers’ expense.

It lamented that the stonewalling in the area of visa provisions for to-be-deported Ghanaians was continuing despite its long-standing efforts to resolve the issue amicably between both nations, warning that it may then be forced to adopt punitive and reciprocal action to address the situation as provided for within international law.

About 7000 Ghanaians are believed to be living illegally in the United States at the moment.

Immigration control is a major plank of the Trump administration and some 35 Nigerians were similarly deported back to the West African nation this week.




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