As campaigns heat up


By Joseph Ojumu, Accra

The battle to choose a president in Ghana’s forthcoming elections is getting fiercer by the day and voters are asking tough questions of aspirants and contenders.

Scheduled to hold in November 2016, analysts are already hazarding that this may very well be the most contested poll in Ghana’s democratic history.

While the leading contenders are incumbent President Dramani John Mahama and opposition strongman, Nana Akufo-Addo, there are also a handful of others that have presently stepped out to be counted.

And voters and citizens are asking tough questions, particularly on social media where the mood is presently fever-pitch.

The questions range from the electricity situation to corruption and on to effective governance. And in the process, the developmental fortunes of the former Gold Coast are being contrasted with those of other nations.

‘How is it possible that Cote D’Ivoire has more land ‘mass for cocoa than we do? A former war-torn country? @MOPrempeh #TV3NewDay.’

‘We import plantain and yam in Ghana. We are not producing enough to feed ourselves. @MOPrempeh #TV3NewDay.’






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