Harry/Meghan: Why Her Majesty should apologise


Harry/Meghan: Why Her Majesty should apologise


By Akpo Ometan


The recent airing of an interview with Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle on how they had been treated by the British royal family is understandably generating lots of reactions.


In the said interview, the couple had owned up to the fact that their break with the monarchy had come in very unpleasant circumstances and at indeed very severe costs. Among others, they insinuated quite openly, that Meghan in particular had been a victim of racist jibes.


The revelations are indeed quite troubling. But it is also good that they are being unearthed. And at such high quarters too.


What we expect now is a dispassionate analysis of the situation and a proceeding response from Her Majesty the Queen on behalf of the royal family and good people of the United Kingdom without pandering to the defensive insinuations of status quo enablers who are presently doing everything to cast aspersions on the personal integrity of Meghan and Harry while also moving to cast the entire fiasco as an assault on the monarchy.


On the contrary, this is rather an opportunity for the monarchy to redeem itself by now voting openly for greater inclusivity, justice and fair play. We expect an apology from the queen to Meghan, Harry, their son Archie, people of colour and indeed all men and women of goodwill that desire and crusade for a better world.




Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth



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