How Bobi Wine’s tribunal challenge may go



How Bobi Wine’s tribunal challenge may go


By John Eche


Following the outcome of the Ugandan presidential polls in which incumbent President Yoweri Museveni has been declared winner over his opposition rival, Robert, Kyagulanya, aka Bobi Wine, some commentators are already reflecting over the possible approach the legal challenge promised by the National Unity Platform, NUP would take.


One of the possible grounds of contest is the defeat of the Vice President and another eight cabinet ministers in the parliamentary elections that were part of the same polls process where the President reportedly secured 58 percent of the votes cast.


A second possible ground of contest is the spate of assault on Bobi Wine and his supporters and polling agents, befor, during and even after the polls.


A third possible protest ground is the shutting down of the internet and electricity services in the country. Under the circumstances, the opposition would be seeking to know how the electoral commission transmitted the data it used in collating the polls results that it then went on to declare.


Fourth is the muscling of the media, monitors and election observers with some being arrested and detained and others being unable to secure entry permits into the country.


Fifth is the preliminary comment made by the East African Community confirming that the security agencies were guilty of ‘the disproportionate use of force.’


Meanwhile, Bobi Wine who has been locked in at his home since the polls ended has complained that they were running out of food supplies at home and that his wife was molested by security personnel when she stepped into the garden adjoining their home to get some food.



Ugandan opposition leader, Bobi Wine




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