‘You too can begin with your widow’s mite’

By Teresa Oyibo Ameh


I started my foundation for widows with four bags of rice. As God Almighty increased me, I also increased the quantity. Subsequently, I included items like oil, salt and seasoning. It is still a small affair but it is something I can comfortably offer. Foodstuffs were distributed twice on a year. We now distribute as God leads through His blessings.

Funding was planned well ahead. I used to do monthly contributions towards this. Right now I have been involved in some investment solely to fund this outreach. I believe I should do this within my means. I cater for close to 40 widows. They must celebrate while others celebrate. Yes.

I have not asked friends for assistance. There is nothing wrong with asking for assistance but I don’t want to be disappointed. I also realise my friends have one outreach or the other too. I remember a particular Easter that things were so tough. I had to sell my jewellery in wuse market to make sure the widows get their foodstuffs for Easter.

The first time I reached out to the women, it was not meant to be continuous. However, when my sister confided in me that some of the widows burst into tears on seeing their own portion of rice, I knew I could not stop. The only time I defaulted was in Dec 2011 when I had surgery and my mum who handles the outreach in Ankpa, Kogi state had to stay with me in Abuja. I was told the women kept on going to mama’s house until the morning of 25th Dec. Of course immediately she went back home in January I had to make arrangements for them.

I know some people will wonder..why foodstuffs. Why not empowerment. Remember I said I provide within my means.

The year is getting to an end. We can also do something for the poor in our midst. It does not matter how little. Remember I started with 4 bags of rice. You can even start something with a bag of rice or garri. Just share what you have.

God bless us all.

Teresa Ameh.



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