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How Nigeria celebrated Valentine’s day



Recession, no hindrance


Celebration time!

By Vicky Bricks


Facts have shown vividly that despite the present economic crisis in the country, Nigerians were still very happy to celebrate Valentine’s day, to show love and be loved, either in the smallest way possible or in a very big way.

Yes! There are financial constraints but that wasn’t enough to hinder the celebration of Valentine’s day for a large number of people. A day before 14th of February, some Nigerians poured out their understandings concerning valentine why they choose to celebrate this unforgettable day. In conclusion, the response gotten from people was enough to say that Nigerians are excited to celebrate Valentine despite the poor economic situation of the country. Some people’s opinion were “Valentine is a proving ground for many relationships and it is necessary to celebrate despite the economic crisis and also one does not have to rob a bank or stress a budget just to meet up with a good plan because there are different ways to share and receive love.

Research has proven that some Nigerians believed that finance cannot be equal to romance, therefore; the knowledge gotten from that, makes it seem like Nigerians are ignoring the poor economic situation of the country. Also, some now believe that the present economic crisis has taught Nigerians how to inculcate a ‘savings culture’ thereby making them save up for important things like the valentine’s day which is celebrated on every 14th of February and in spite of everything, the people are happy.

The fact realized was that; there were no major changes in population around city malls, hang outs, parks, cinemas, eateries and other major fun outlets which was enough to say that despite the recession going on in the country, Nigerians still gave room for love.


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