‘Go and swear-in someone else, not my husband!’

By Nsikan Ikpe


Insider details from the opposition NASA Alliance in Kenya have revealed that the principal architect behind the ‘postponement’ of the idea to swear in Raila Odinga as alternate president in an inauguration exercise that was to have held today, Tuesday, was one of Africa’s quietly powerful women, his wife, Ida Odinga.

According to sources in the know of the intrigues that went on behind the scene, with other leaders of the NASA alliance unable to provide cogent answers as to how they would protect Odinga from being picked up and tried for treason in the aftermath of the event, Ida had simply asked them to go and swear in someone else, not her husband!

Another strong voice that helped to dissuade the NASA leaders was US Ambassador to Kenya, Robert Godec who equally made it clear that the international community would not step in to support Odinga in the event that he was arrested.

Faced with all of these facts, the NASA principals and strategist, David Ndii had finally prevailed on Raila to ‘shelve the idea for now so they can work in other safeguards’ but some analysts are concluding that chances are that this is the end of the whole affair.

The inauguration event had been timed to coincide with Jamhuri Day, being Kenya’s Independence Day.



Raila Odinga, NASA Alliance leader in Kenya



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