Idris Deby and the futility of clutching to power


Idris Deby and the futility of clutching to power


By John Eche


News of the death of Chadian leader, Idris Deby has once again demonstrated the futility of desperately clutching to power.


For 30 years he has been the Lord of the Chadian Manor. Three years ago, he forced through constitutional change to enable him rule till 2033. Last year, he awarded himself the title of Marshall of the Armed Forces.


As the electoral process began to take shape earlier in the year, Deby’s goons reportedly attacked and killed the mother and son of leading opposition candidate, Yaya Dillo in February, forcing him to quit the race. After this, the resultant election was a mere formality in which Idris Deby was to be awarded another landslide win in the April 11 polls and he was awaiting swearing in for a sixth term in Office before death came calling.


Now Idris Deby Itno has gone the way of all mortals. Military rule has returned to Chad. And as was the case with Kabila in the Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC, Omar Bongo and Ali Bongo in Gabon, and the Eyademas in Togo, a father-son transition is once again playing out with the enthronement of General Kaka Deby as Head of State in his father’s stead.


In Chad, the bleeding continues.



Idris Deby….dead.




We have lost our Innocent – By Chido Onumah

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