The events of the past few months in Sudan require the demonstration of solidarity by well-meaning Africans with the Sudanese people.

The Difference newspaper would not be left out.

Without any equivocation, we demonstrate and express our solidarity with the long suffering people of the Sudan.

We also express our greatest hope that the ongoing discussions involving different stakeholders in the Sudanese Project would ultimately yield the desired fruits of good governance and development.

On the discussions proper, we want to remind the Sudanese military of their professional obligation to support the institution of a strong civil state in Sudan. We do not believe that this principled position would be helped by the Armed Forces locking itself into the daily grind of governance and urge that they should only accept roles in this season that are minimalist and in consort with this broader objective and indeed the higher considerations of the national interest of Sudan.

And even if it is a moot point, it also bears remembering that Africa today has enshrined democratic rule as a core governance principle all across the continent.


Protesters mounting the barricades in Sudan



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