Insecurity is Nigeria’s Man of the Year 2020



Insecurity is Nigeria’s Man of the Year 2020


By Tasie Theodore


An investigation by The Difference Newspaper has disclosed that Insecurity ranks topmost as Nigeria’s Man of the Year 2020.


The investigation which was conducted by the newspaper early in the month found that of all the people and issues that dominated the headlines in the outgoing year, Insecurity trumped others.


The EndSARS protests, ASUU strike and Social Media were some of the other topics that scored high marks in the investigation’s findings.


Nigeria has been afflicted with sundry issues of insecurity all through the year with literally no week passing by without the newspapers and media channels reporting fresh outbreaks of attacks and crimes all across the country.


While some commentators see the challenge as having been compounded by a  seeming sense of obstinacy and confusion in the top echelons of the Presidency and the country’s military top brass, others point to economic factors, low morale among service personnel, alienation of the citizenry and lack of intelligence and weaponry to combat the menace.


There have been calls for the removal of the service chiefs, the introduction of state and regional police and the restructuring of the federation as measures to mitigate the menace but these have been rebuffed repeatedly by the Muhammadu Buhari presidency.


The Difference checks indicate that on account of its expanding economic challenges, Nigeria’s defence budget has been unsteady. While in 2018, it was $2.04B, at that point representing a 26.02% increase on the 2017 sum of $1.62B, that of 2016 was $1.72B, which was a 16.57% decline from that of 2015.


Nigeria’s Chief of Army Staff, Tukur Buratai and about 18 other generals are presently in isolation after reports emerged that a general attending the annual Chief of Army Staff Conference had died from complications traceable to COVID-19.




Tukur Buratai, Nigeria’s Chief of Army Staff







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